Once asset data is collected (push or pull) from the edge, decisions then need to be made on what happens to a connected system. In other words to control or modify the connected systems behaviour.

Automate can be accomplished in many different ways, these are some examples:

  • A classic solution in Industrial control includes utilising a SCADA¬†(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system to monitor the connected devices inputs and control its outputs based on various control loops pre-programmed into the remote or local controllers (PLCs - Programmable Logic Controller)
  • An IoT application developed in the Cloud to allow for scalability;
  • Use of an off-the-shelf IoT application enablement platforms, such as : Cumulocity, Thingworx, Telit's ILS, Numerix, and many more....
  • An ERP or Business System used in the Enterprise makes an informed decision to execute a change to a connected system's output;