Walt Technologies is technology company offering various products and services. These include services for the Internet of Things applications, such as:

  • Consulting - assisting customers with design selection, requirements gathering, and detailed requirements specifications.
  • Design - assisting customers with design, develop, test, industrialisation, and qualification thereof. Various of these steps will require approved specialist outsource partners, specialists in their field of expertise.
  • Build - assisting customers with production of finished products. This may be chosen to be done locally, or one of the mass manufacturing centres offshore.
  • Commercialisation - assisting customers with taking the product to market.
  • Support - assisting customers with support during and post delivery, various turnkey solutions may require specific support agreements to be put into place.

There are two additional business units within Walt Tech, these include: LYNX Tracking (GPS tracking of fixed and mobile assets) and RedLinX ANZ (distribution of embedded computing products, cellular routers, and end-end hardware products for the Internet of Things markets).

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