IoT Products include, but not limited to :

Walt Technologies is the distributor for the following IoT Platform Products:

  1. Friendly Technologies LTD:
    • TR-069 Device Management Server ACS:
    • LWM2M Device Management Server ACS:
    • LWM2M Client/Agent Development SDK Packages:
    • OMA-DM Device Management Server ACS:
    • OMA-DM Client/Agent Development SDK Packages:
    • One-IoT - Unified Device Management Server ACS
      • All device management protocols: LWM2M, MQTT, TR-069, OMA-DM, SNMP, SMS.
      • Unlimited Multi-Tenancy
      • Cloud or On Premise installations
    • One-IoT - IoT Application Builder
    • Complete Smart Home Management Solution
  2. More to come

RedLinX ANZ lists many of the hardware distribution products -

  1. Hardware products
  2. Sensors, various sensors for:
    • Environmental sensors
    • Agriculture sensors
    • Industrial sensors
    • Liquid Levels
    • Pulse loggers
    • Smart Cities sensors
  3. Turnkey solutions, hardware/firmware products developed to your requirements (refer to IoT Services page), including:
    • RF edge sensors
    • Cellular edge sensors
    • Cellular/RF Gateways
    • Edge processing devices
    • Remote Telemetry Units (RTU)