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Manage millions of IoT Devices on one platform.

Friendly’s Internet of Things solution is a robust, unified 

device management platform for any vertical, such as:

  • Energy and Utilities
  • Agriculture
  • Smart City
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Fleet Management
  • Automotive
  • Asset Tracking




The system enables remote management of any type of IoT/M2M devices and features a management Admin Console, Technician Portal, QoE Dashboard and extensive API for customization of vertical applications. User interface is enabled through PC or smartphone applications.

Friendly Technology has partnered with the leading technological companies to provide a wide range solutions for connecting and managing of IoT and M2M devices.

Friendly’s IoT solution can be offered via Friendly’s IoT Cloud (SaaS) or installed at customer’s premises.


The Friendly solution is designed for:

  • IoT/ M2M service providers who are interested in providing end-to-end SaaS services
  • Device manufacturers who want to offer standard-based embedded clients for their devices
  • System Integrators who want to offer and integrate a full IoT solution


Solution Components


Advantages and Benefits

  • Accelerated time to market and reduced RND resources
  • Quick generation of PC and mobile application, integration with Big Data and BI across the entire system
  • Support of standard and proprietary protocols, and cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Carrier-class – support of tens of millions of devices on one server, hundreds of installations worldwide
  • Robust and scalable device management platform – provisioning and support of millions of devices, rules & automation, FW upgrades
  • Unified -any vertical, any device, any protocol and any connectivity on a single common platform
  • Seamless integration with existing system - supports Integration of cloud-to-cloud of existing systems
  • Easily-customizable solution - to any vertical and need


IoT Management Server

Friendly's IoT management platform is based on Friendly’s Robust Device Management Server Technology. Cloud-based or installed at customer’s premises, it monitors, updates, configure and manages all types of sensors and gateway on one platform.


  • IoT Engine - powerful and robust server for management of millions of devices
  • Smart Meditation Layer - multi-protocol management, protocol translation based on Friendly’s Smart Layer technology
  • Smart API to vertical applications
  • Admin portal - for platform management and group operations
  • Technician portal
  • Monitoring /QoS dashboard
  • BI Analytics


Video Management and Analytics

  • Camera stream view, including 24/7 recording
  • Video analysis and creation of alerts per pre-defined scenarios
  • Automated alerts can be generated by the system upon following events: crowding, occupancy, entering restricted area, loitering and vagrancy, stopped vehicle, suspicious objects, lighting detection etc.



Big Data and BI

Friendly's IoT management platform can collect information from millions of sensors and devices, create events based on thresholds and store the results for big data analytics.


  • Data collection
  • Events creation based on monitoring results
  • QoS dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Export to external Data Base for BI and Big Data analysis


Featured Custom Applications


  • Smart City:
    • Safe City
    • Waste Management
    • Fleet Management
    • Smart Streetlights
    • Smart Parking
    • Irrigation Management
    • Emergency Response Systems
  • Energy & Utilities:
    • Water Metering
    • Gas Metering
    • Smart Grid
  • Agriculture:
    • Irrigation field monitoring
  • Other verticals - please contact us for more information


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