How do I deploy and manage Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, Billions of devices in the field ?

How do I upgrade the firmware remotely ?

How do I secure the devices ? Or update their security features?


Various stakeholders in today's world of #IoT (Internet of Things), such as:

  1. Device makers (#OEM's);
  2. Device and Communications Vendors;
  3. IoT Application Vendors;
  4. Systems Integrators;
  5. Network Operators (@Telstra, @Optus, @Vodafone, @Spark, @2Degrees - using networks on #LTE #3G #4G);
  6. LPWAN Operators (using #LoRa # LoRaWAN #Sigfox - @Thinxtra)

are all deploying IoT devices in varying degrees of project roll out and maturity. Some are still finding their feet. Some are trying to decide what to do about device management and IoT application enablement.

The good news is, there's a number of ways of managing masses of devices out in the field. I am discussing one of those today with the advent of new standards being ratified.

Light Weight M2M (LWM2M) as a device management standard (and protocol) was ratified by the Open Mobile Alliance (#OMA) @OMA ( in Feb 2017.

The diagram below depicts a Device Management architecture that employs a Unified Device Management approach using OneIoT ACS, a platform developed by Friendly Technologies LTD.


The Device Management platform (OneIoT ACS) handles all device management protocols for any devices, be that a very small footprint sensors with constrained resources, to broadband routers (e.g. NBNco, TPG, Vocus).

The OneIoT platform can be utilised in on-premise installations or cloud hosted (as-a-service) installations. The OneIoT ACS and associated device management clients take care of all the device discovery, remote management, remote monitoring, remote FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) updates.

For the device makers, Friendly Technologies has a suit of Embedded Clients on offer. OMA-DM and LWM2M clients are available in source code, with support, training, and professional services for device makers to ensure they're able to deploy their devices i.a.w. the standards and that allow for scale and security.

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