Do you find yourself asking these questions :
Q: How do I remotely manage IoT devices ?
Q: How do I add a "Light Weight" M2M protocol to a resource constrained IoT device ?

In the IoT World today all devices need to be remotely managed, somehow. Usually with the need to : remotely access, remote configuration, remote monitoring, remote firmware over the air updates, update security profiles, monitor QoS, and the list goes on. 
Learn from the experts what the alternative stand-out protocols are, the pros and cons, and the features of device management.
Join Elan Migdal, CEO and Founder of Friendly Technologies Ltd, as he sheds light on the IoT Device Management best practices, with more than 100+ carriers using their technology and in business for more than 20 years. and Sean van der Walt, Director and Founder of Walt Technologies Pty Ltd, an IoT Technology Specialist - assisting companies to connect and best utilise IoT.
Friendly Technologies LTD Walt Technologies Pty Ltd
Subject: IoT devices, Embedded Clients and Device Management
Was held on Thursday, 8th June 2017 
Target audience: 
  • Device Makers (OEMs);
  • Carriers (Network Operators);
  • ISPs;
  • IoT and ICT System Integrators;
  • IoT Platform Providers;
  • Value-added Distributors;
  • Enterprise Customers.
Topics covered included:
  1. Alternative stand-out protocols with LWM2MMQTTOMA-DM, and TR-069.
  2. When to use which protocol.
  3. The process of deploying embedded clients on the devices (including resource constrained devices). 
  4. How to manage constrained devices.
  5. How to manage large scale deployments of IoT devices, anywhere, anytime with a Unified IoT Management Platform.
  6. Managing Data collection and Analytics - New IoT World Order.
  7. Q&A
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