Walt Technologies' main aim is to offer consulting, guidance, services, assistance, support for customers to conceptualise, prototype, design, develop, test, productise, commercialise and to support the final products. We will use our own IP and services, as well as various 3rd parties who offer specialised services in many of the areas as below, such a specialised RF circuit board design, or EMC/EMI testing, or perhaps a customised software code module.

Generally to deliver a successful IoT project (hardware, software or both) one should follow a structured project management and systems engineering approach to achieve successful and measurable outcomes. Some of the more high-level steps include:

  1. Requirements Phase:
    • Detailed User Requirements Specification 
    • Detailed System, or Sub-System Requirements Specifications (if needed)
    • Test & Qualification Plans
  2. Design Phase:
    • Detailed Hardware Design Documents
    • Detailed Software Design Documents
    • Detailed Interface Control Documents
    • Detailed User Manuals
    • Prototypes
    • Development hardware units
    • Development of firmware
    • Complete pre-production hardware & firmware
  3. Testing Phase:
    • Detailed Test Documents
    • Detailed Test Reports
    • Qualification & Certification Documents
  4. Production Phase
    • Detailed production documentation
  5. Commercialisation
    • Commercialisaiton Plans
  6. Support
    • Support Plans

 The project delivery could entail some or all of the steps above, or tailored to suit a specific need, such as quick time to market, least cost, etc.

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